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The damage done by employee theft is the cause of one-third of the business bankruptcies in the United States, according to the International Foundation for Protection Officers website. To cover the losses caused by employee theft, a company may have to lower payroll by releasing employees, forgo raises, delay key personnel promotions and put company expansion plans on hold.


Theft can be classified as stealing material items, submitting time sheets for hours that were not worked, embezzling funds and any other form of employee fraud. The average company loses as much as 5 percent of its annual revenue to fraud, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners website. Only 2.6 percent of employee fraud cases are caught by company monitoring systems, while 40.2 percent of fraud cases are revealed through a tip from staff members to management.

The consequences of employee theft are financial, operational and psychological and prone to affect more than just the staff member perpetrating the theft. Instituting a theft deterrent program can pay for itself in the revenue it can salvage. When you understand the way that employee theft impacts a company, you can create effective policies to combat it.

How to Reduce the Shoplifting Risk in Your Business Make sure the lighting in your store does not have dark spots where customers are hard to observe Standalone display stands that are in isolated corners of your store are easy pickings for the adept shoplifter Any merchandise that is too close to the door should be moved Make aisles wider to avoid congestion which can make palming items allot harder Display signs in prominent positions throughout the store advising customers that all bags are subject to search on discretion of the management. A good company policy is to transfer the customer’s goods from the trolley they bring to the counter into another one that they take to their car. This avoids items being hidden under personal items such as jackets. Run your own test and look at the store in a new light – how easy would it be for you […]